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Consulting & Contracting

We offer consultation and contracting services to meet specific client needs. Those needs can be dissussed on an as needed basis to specifically meet the demands of your organization/agency. We are able to assist with a wide range of needs within the capacity of mental health and social services. 


Bio-Psychosoical Assessments 

The Bio-psychisoical framework is an assessment tool designed to capture the systemic background of an individual, including their biological, psychological, and sociocultural influences. That history is then used to gain insight into an individuals development, coping mechanisms, and current level of functioning. We are available to complete Bio-psychosocial assessments that can be used as a tool to aide treatment and or recovery. 

Community Resourcing 

Are you or your company in need of community resources or do you need assistance with finding the proper agency to meet you needs? After completing a quick assessment, we are able to offer consulting services to link you with the most appropriate agencies to address whatever challenges you are facing. We are also able to assist with completing applications and agency forms upon request.  


Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessemnts

We are able to complete in-depth assessments examining key areas to include behavioral tendencies and frequencies, biomedical, and familial influences for the purpose of making a diagnosis and effective treatment planning. 


Therapy and counseling 

We offer on-going theraputic sessions and counseling to meet a large variety of needs. Our most popular therapeutic interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Mindfulness Therapy, Family Therapy, Psyho-dynamic therapy, and emotion focused therapy.  


Specialized Mental Health Services and coordination 

We are able to assist with the coordination of mental health services and care-coordination for a variety of diagnosis. Coordination of services include nut are not limited to case management, medication management, psychiatric referrals, and day treatment programs  



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